Monday, October 4, 2010

a sense of promise

i haven't written on this blog in forever.
and that needs to change.
i think i've been caught up in journaling (in a real notebook, with a real pen :]) lately that i forgot all about this.
well, now i think i need to begin again.
and it doesn't even matter if people don't read this.
i'm doing it for me.
on sunday morning during worship, i received a reminder of a promise that i had pushed away.
a promise that i had hidden in the dark corner of my mind, locked up and tried to forget about.
well, after a letter to me from Jesus, after a word shared during worship, and another word shared the sunday before that, i have taken that promise and brought it into the light.
i have dusted it off.
i have placed it out in the open.
i have placed that precious promise in His nail pierced hands.
and He is telling me that He is now fulfilling that promise.
my promise.
a promise from a Holy God.
from a God who's promises never return void.
i haven't felt this excited in a very long time.
it's beautiful.
thank you Lord, for giving me hope.
hope is just what i needed.
the promise fulfilled is what i need.
and You are doing just that.


  1. i'm glad you're back, i've missed you. and bravo for dusting off that promise! <3