Thursday, April 29, 2010


As for God, His way is perfect. ♥ Psalm 18:30
I am holding on, grasping tightly to the knowledge that God knows what He is doing, that He always has my best in mind, and that His way is indeed perfect. And right now, that requires waiting. Whether I am the one who isn't ready, or my future someone isn't ready, or we both aren't ready... I'm waiting.
But, it's hard for me to wait for something that my heart desires more than anything. Watching others live out what I long for. Trying to be patient. Desperately trying to draw near to the Lord and allowing Him to be the only One my heart desires.
Who doesn't want to love, and be loved? Love is spectacular.
Love is hopeful. It's beautiful. Love is sweet.
I can't wait to find out who I get to share this love with. And until I know, I will continue to wait.... Until the day that the man the Lord has for me, begins to pursue my heart. Until then. I will wait.


  1. And when that Man God has in mind for you finds you, he will be one amazingly blessed Man!!!

    Love Jessica Bruner

  2. While I myself struggle with waiting, I also struggle with watching YOU wait. because I think you are one of the most genuine and beautiful people I know!! I seriously hope someday my heart can be like yours :) I know whoever you're waiting for can be nothing less than spectacular and I anxiously anticipate the day I get to watch him love you the way you deserve!