Thursday, March 11, 2010

have i missed it?

i wish i could stop looking at the past.
what could have been.
what might have been.
what isn't, nor ever will be.
have i missed something that He wanted me to do?
i'm plagued with looking backward, when i should be looking forward.
i feel that i have had opportunities that are now lost.
that i won't get another chance.
that i have already been given my allotted amount of opportunities.
that i am stuck here and i'm not moving forward.
and it hurts my heart.
because i know it's not true.
i know that i haven't ran out of opportunities.
i know there is more to come.
something better.
something more lovely.
more beautiful.
more perfect for me.
designed by a God who loves me, more then i could ever comprehend.
and i'll just continue to wait.
until He decides to reveal the rest of His plan for me.
i'm tired of waiting.
but He knows.
and He won't keep me waiting. for long.

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